eLearning Course: Personal Learning Framework - Project Based Learning and Learning Styles

Latest e Learning Course handling Learning Styles and Project Based Learning

  • We are completing a three part series on the Theories and Methods for the Global Learning Framework over the month of August. This is the first part on the Personal Learning Framework that provides practical experiences on how and individual learns and transforms the world while using global collaborative Internet.
  • Goto 45 min eLearning Course: http://www.screencast.com/t/RlymPUgK
  • This free  webinar explains how our personal learning styles and experience work within the structure of the Global Learning Framework.
  • The next two eLearning courses in the series are on leverage the simple methods in the classroom and for country's community development programs. 
  • Global Learning Framework expands Adult Learning theories and integrates global technology learning, cell collaboration with the issues of poverty.  This eLearning course is targeted on how Learning Styles /diversity and personalities work together in Project Based Learning to solve life’s problems.
  • This was developed as professional services training for educators, mentors and NGO leaders. Contained within the course are two assessments for educator on Learning Styles and Meyers Briggs. It will provide educators with a way to empower students with how they learn and communicate with the world based on their strengths. PLF also provides a simple classroom usable model for personal transformation designed to work with UNESCO Four Pillars, Experiential Learning and Project Based Learning. This is also design for poverty and deep cultural settings.
  • The is no fee to this 45 minute eLearning course only that we ask for feedback and thought upon completion at http://globallearningframework.ning.com. For your convenience you can join using your Linkedin or Twitter account. You are welcome to refer this course to others.
  • Learning Style and the Personal Learning Framework by Richard C Close
  • This course is fully copyright of Richard Close. Use in classrooms or workshops can be requested of the the author at rclose@richardclose.info
  • Global Learning Framework and Personal Learning Framework are the trademark of Richard C. Close

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