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eLearning Software Enhances Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration may be the hot term of the decade, yet true collaboration has always been a difficult concept to implement…until recently. The rise of eLearning software over the last several years has provided businesses, nonprofits and academic institutions a platform for genuine collaboration.

As defined by, collaboration means, “to work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.” At this basic level, the idea of collaboration is ideal for any organization, and the benefits include saving time and money, improving knowledge, increasing innovation and more. Collaborative eLearning software is the platform by which these benefits are realized.

mLearning iPad TOPYX

There are many options available in the eLearning software arena, but the best eLearning software value today is TOPYX, an eLearning software solution developed by Interactyx Limited. TOPYX has gained acceptance as the easy-to-use social eLearning software that combines traditional learning management system (LMS) functionality with integrated social learning tools, in a user-friendly, feature-rich eLearning software as a service (SaaS) application.

TOPYX is an affordable, hosted social learning management system that integrates tools similar to Facebook® and LinkedIn® with traditional LMS functionality. This innovative software solution can be applied to any size organization, and delivered to learners whenever they wish, wherever they may be, now even through mobile devices, such as Android and iPhone, as well as Apple Inc’s new iPad.

“The mobile learning (mLearning) environment is changing the way people gather, interact and learn,” said Alfred E. Novas, Chief Executive Officer of Interactyx Limited. “Now, organizations can deliver content to a mobile smartphone while providing the very best social networking features to keep learners engaged.”

Mobile eLearning is another reason why TOPYX is the best value in eLearning software today. In addition to its intuitive set up and administration, SCORM certification, available eCommerce options and engaging social learning resources, the TOPYX mobile eLearning solution adds another level of flexibility to its suite of services.

See more about everything TOPYX has to offer and get your own 30-day trial site - sign up here:

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