A film that GEC members might be interested in is AMREEKA (http://www.amreeka.com/). It's the story of a Palestinian woman and her son who move to the US circa the Gulf War. They encounter many difficulties, but surmount them with humor and love.It's a family movie and is distributed by National Geographic.

I think it gives an accurate impression on what life in occupied territories is like and shows the prejudices new immigrants to the U.S may encounter. I would have taken my daughter to this movie had I known it was billed as a family movie, and I think this would be an excellent movie to show in schools.

I saw this movie in Chicago last week, and highly enjoyed it. A friend is one of the producers, and it's one all sorts of awards at Cannes and Sundance. I believe it has now opened in NY and LA and will be opening officially in Chicago on September 18th.

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