Food and Culture - a global, collaborative classrooms project

I would like to encourage everyone to accept the invitation to participate in the Food and Culture project. It's a concrete way to get your students learning with the world instead of just about the world.

This project is designed to be flexible enough so that no matter what course or grade level you teach you can participate.

The purpose of this project is the development of a global, collaborative
classrooms project which will provide a context for students to:

  • Develop knowledge, skills and habits conducive to excellent health
  • Practice habits of responsible citizenship - locally to globally
  • Develop Global Competencies by studying "with" the world instead of "about" the world
  • Develop critical 21st Century Skills
  • Become engaged in a rigorous, relevant and real-world project
  • Engage the knowledge within the disciplines through research, problem solving and application
  • Learn - as opposed to memorizing then forgetting discrete facts

The initial sources of inspiration for this project were:

  • The book, Hungry Planet - What the World Eats, which is both a beautiful and profound essay on the people of our planet and the food they eat;
  • The Edible Schoolyard Project where students grow and cook their own food, as many of the content standards are taught through this project;
  • Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, in which the goal is to change school lunch programs worldwide by providing fresh, healthy foods;
  • Richard Louv's book, Last Child in the Woods, an excellent compilation of research on the relationship of being in nature to the physical and emotional health of children and the direct
    impact on a student's academic achievement; and
  • the One Day on Earth film project, in which the goal is to create a documentary of one day on Planet Earth, and to include film footage from every country in the

Note: this project is not just for Family and Consumer Science classes - it is for all content areas.

Please join us!

Go to the official Food and Culture web site. In the drop down menu you will find additional links to the Food and Culture Wix which has detailed on the curricular foundations and inspirations for the project. You will also find a link to our Food and Culture Netvibes page and the Food and Culture wiki.

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Comment by Sarah Kinder on November 7, 2010 at 10:58am
Hi - we are considering joining with either 1st or 4th grade. I believe I saw that the time frame is roughly to begin in January, 2011. Is there a culmination to the time frame?
Comment by Anne Shaw on November 2, 2010 at 2:20am
Hi, Kelsey,

That would be great! We would love to have your class involved. To join please go to

You will find everything you need to get started at, which will take you to the Food and Culture main web page -

That page will have links to the Food and Culture wiki. As soon as you have joined I will send you an invitation to join the wiki, and we can go from there. If you have any additional questions please email me at

Comment by Kelsey on November 1, 2010 at 10:20pm
I'm teaching 4th grade in Oregon, with a focus this month on nutrition. I would love to become involved with your project!
Comment by Anne Shaw on November 1, 2010 at 8:20pm
Thank you very much, Ryan!
Comment by Ryan Goble on November 1, 2010 at 6:19pm
Oh, please consider cross posting this in the Health and Wellness group over at MC POP!

Very interesting!
Comment by Larry Langley on October 26, 2010 at 8:19pm
Thank you for the invitation to join you and other classes/teachers to participate in Food and Culture. Our community of Rocksprings, Texas has a total population of 1293 (that's on a good day :). The school where I teach has an enrollment of nearly 300 students in the three campuses--PK-12 grades. I have two classes of theater arts (total students: 15, ages 14-18), two 7th grade reading and writing classes (total students: 16), and one journalism class (total students: 4, ages 15-18). My two 7th grade reading and writing classes are corresponding via snail mail with some students in Poland. However, I would like to use the Internet, email, Web cams, and other means relatively real time media. Recently I have have created a class web page for my journalism class on I am also in the process of setting up a web page for my 7th graders. I do not have plans to set up a Web page for my theater arts classes, though. Please email me at I will take a look at the different sources you mention above to get a better understanding of the project.
Comment by Sally Wan on October 23, 2010 at 12:12am
Hi Anne,
May my class join your project?
Please email me at :)

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