Free edtech - Who needs an online collaboration studio?

I am a member of a team that has developed a user-friendly, web-based recording and collaboration studio called Soundtrap. It has been appreciated by hundreds of schools around the world, for music education and production, for making podcasts etc

One reason for being popular, except that it is easy to use, is that it can be used for free. Most features, including a video chat, are available free of charge. 

Soundtrap was awarded "Best Website for Teaching & Learning 2015" by American Association of School Librarians.

Could this be interesting for the educators attending the Global Education Conference?

Here are some articles describing how Soundtrap could be used:

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Comment by Fredrik Posse on August 29, 2015 at 2:59am

Hi Lucy,

I believe that one of our ambassadors made a pitch at the OPPI Festival. has been getting many respectable endorsers and supporters this year (New York University, Google, Microsoft and hundreds of schools around the world)!

Thanks for the information about Global Collaboration Day! I will ask my Soundtrap team members to create an interesting event to host.

All the best,

Fredrik P.

Comment by Lucy Gray on August 28, 2015 at 11:58pm


Did I see your pitch at the OPPI Festival in New York? 

Also, take a look at this event affiliated with this network:, You can sign up to host an event on September 17th! 


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

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