GEC to supprt ECOLOGY BUILDER for true GLOBALISATION- Aluminum Industry

Aluminum Industry is an ECOLOGY BUILDER as only after mining of Bauxite(raw material for production of Aluminum) the land is filled up with soil and plantation can be taken up to create greenery; as on Bauxite even grass does not grow.Vedanta Aluminum Ltd located in Orissa,India is a case where the true process of GLOBALISATION is opposed by vested interest groups from outside the country instigating local people not to allow mining of Bauxite. The company have already put up both Refinery and Smelter plants for production of Aluminum, but bauxite is not made available to them locally. The industry will not only strengthen the ecology of the area but it will also improve the quality of life of local people; WHICH IS THE BASIC OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE OF GLOBALISATION. The teachers and students of GEC are urged upon the to reach the world to promote the cause of Vedanta Aluminium Ltd in Orissa, India to ensure that people with vested interest are not allowed to be successful in their efforts of anti-globalisaon movement.Such grassroots problems taking place throughout the world must be opposed to achieve the objective of GEC,GLOBALISATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

Professor of Peace & Ekistics

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