GENOTYPE + ENVIRONMENT=PHENOTYPE is the basic equation,I discovered for Sustainable Urban Housing collaborating with each other to create  liveable and Inclusive cities.

   During my interface with urban poor and research, I observed that their life and habitat suffer from absence of organic relationship between the two. The authorities dealing with urban housing and cities hardly have time and dedication to find sustainable solution for housing and cities. They followed and continuing with the routine and mechanical ideas, as a result instead of "sustainability”, the process of” creative Destruction" of housing and cities continues.

   Housing/city is an organic and living entity and not simple management of abiotic materials(as understood now by the humanity).Keeping this in view, my mind worked and developed consciousness that unless the basic equation of life:GENOTYPE+ENVIRONMENT = PHENOTYPE is adopted in urban housing and cities, the current crisis of creative destruction in urban housing and cities will continue to destroy the human species.

    Then, I tried to conceptualise the "GENES" of housing/city which interact and mutate to generate sustainability, liveability and inclusiveness and above all peace to urban housing and cities. I observed that inherited "genes" of housing/cities from the beginning of the process of urbanisation are sick and such sickness is continuing till this point of human civilization which is further deteriorated by man-made environment. This has resulted in unsustainable and unhealthy state of health of urban housing/cities.

    With the above consciousness, I developed my IDEA after great deal of research that housing/city "GENES" can be improved through infusing spiritual and social capital instead of only economic and physical capital.Then,I perceived "ENVIRONMENT" as an organic and biotic unit with attributes like adopting laws of Nature, recycling of resources, converting waste to wealth, using zero-pollution producing energy sources etc.Both such quality "GENES" and "ENVIRONMENT" produce PHENOTYPE of urban housing units which collaborate with each other to create liveable and inclusive cities.

    Now, I call upon the humanity-the intellectuals, policy makers of urban housing and cities, the academicians and the CHANGEMAKERS to change their mind set to adopt this BASIC EQUATION to give quality life and sustainability to urban housing as well as cities for development of sustainable urban housing units which collaborate, interact and mutate with each other to create sustainable and peaceful urban housing and cities.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

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Comment by Prof.Fani Bhusan Das on February 25, 2011 at 11:43pm
I request all the members of GEC to give their comment on my above comment in the site of record your comments as detailed in my previous blog.

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