Global Ed Conference 2014 - A vew from Kansas

Once again, GEC offered more fascinating sessions than I had the time to absorb!  I was lucky that bot the opening Welcome and the Closing Wrap-Up were held at a time that worked well for me such that I felt that I was present for "the whole thing". 

It would be difficult to pick a favorite session but high on my list would be the opening keynote by Christie Vilsack on "Developing Partnerships".  I found it exciting and inspirational to learn of the many ways that US AID is engaged globally.  You can watch her keynote here.

Another memorable session was by Adam Holden (@acrig15) at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) it Kansas (my home state) called The Role of Open Educational Resources in Developing Globally Diverse Courses. Dr. Holden is leading a BIG change in the Teacher Education Department at FHSU, namely moving away from textbooks and toward Open Educational Resources.  This entrepreneurial move has allow them to integrate diversity and global issues not previously possible when courses were constrained by textbook content. The recording of his session is here.

I could mention many more sessions but I don't want this blog post to become too long.  I will just mention in closing that I also enjoyed being active on Twitter during the conference and sent out 15 tweets and connected with 17 new people on Twitter who are involved in all aspects of global education.

I would like to see more people involved in higher education presenting at GEC in 2015 and hope to become more involved in helping to organize next year's event as a member of the Advisory Board.



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