Global Education Conference Got Me Hooked on!

Ever since I attended the conference, and signed up for the GEC Newsletter, I have been totally blown away by this new application!  PAPER.LI gives everyone the ability to publish a newspaper with information and articles about their favorite topics.  You can even embed it in your favorite social media posts, emails, and websites.  You can choose the content!  I love the idea of creating a project based on this idea.  Have students find articles, pictures,and information about something globally, and then creating a newspaper page about it.  You could use this to teach responsible research, synthesis of information, accurate reporting and citing of sources, and creativity.  You can also turn it into a lesson about specific events or topics!  I use it to share information about Educational Technology topics, and drive traffic to my website!  What a great tool for educators!  Check out the link below to see it embedded in my website, or see the latest edition:



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Comment by Lucy Gray on December 1, 2017 at 1:56pm

I love! I actually pay for two paid accounts to publish the Global Education Report and my consulting

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