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Help! I cannot get into the conference session

Getting into the Global Education Conference sessions.

If you have problems they may be due to the following (try these in this order)


  • Make sure you have updated java – this is one of the most common reasons for problems
  • If this does not work,  clear java cache in control panel (on windows machine) Make sure it clears cookies, browsing history, download history and cached images and files.
  • Uninstall Java and start over...


The  Launcher

Copy and paste the url for the webinar into your browser (or click on the link)

Read the first window carefully. If it asks you to download the launcher, you may need to click on that link. Choose save and let it download, then follow the prompts and any wizard instructions.

Enter your name  and you should enter the conference room


Proxy settings

Choose the connection setting: wireless or cabled etc and you should enter the room.

If this still does not work, it could be a problem with Proxy settings which you will have to adapt to the firewall where you are accessing the session.

Cant get in as you exceeded the number of logins

  • Clear your browser history cache/cookies or
  • Try another browser different browser eg chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari

Chat Help

Blackboard Collaborate provide an online help chat

Further resources

Troubleshooting from Blackboard Collaborate


Please share how you fixed your problems for getting into Blackboard Collaborate


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