How can we evaluate our children's teacher performance? Why should educators be excluded from evaluation?

Years ago when the IT training business was being formed we wanted a way to evaluate instructors and facilities. I was on the board of ITTA at the time. The debate to much reflection on the k-12 teachers we had and how
poor performance by individuals went on year after year.

We set up a way that at the end of every Microsoft or Novell course that students would evaluate the teacher, content quality and facility. At the time most IT instructor were subcontracted and knew salaries were competitive
based on the evaluations. It took one year to launch the national program and
quality leaped in the classes across the nation. Instructors with poor marks
simply left.

Instructors learned from one another in teacher rooms how to make classes lively and have the information stick. We read the evaluation forms with the instructors after every course and contacted any troubled students
with additional help. It worked like a charm.

HR has 360 evaluations in corporations and sports pro have their numbers.

This arrogant fear with teachers of evaluations needs to go out the window.

If teacher evaluation was based on three things weighted evenly we could quickly have a way to weed out the problems and financial reward the winners with bonuses.

I propose that just before midterms and just before final grade there is an online evaluation of the following:

First: Evaluation by the teacher's students that can be done via the Internet from the school, labs Libraries, public libraries and home.

Second: Evaluation by the teacher by the student’s parents that can be done via the Internet from the school, labs Libraries, public libraries and home.

Third: Evaluation by faculty in the same department.

No evaluation by either administration or Union Leaders would be allowed. We felt as business that as owners our evaluation would throw the numbers off because we were not in the classes. Often instructor we did not
like received great scores and ones we thought were great had poor scores. The
reason was that they put on a fake show when we were in the room.

Teacher BIOs, degrees or ten year status would also not be allowed to alter result.

Teacher would get a report that would graph them again the school, state and national standards.

Parents and students would also have access to the results. Let free enterprise and human competition take care of the rest.

Armed with this data Administration and the Board of Ed with full right to by pass ten year status for termination of forced early retirement for the bottom 15%. Also raises based on performance and not length
of teaching records.

Children are not that dumb. We all know the bad teachers we had and the ones that changed us forever. We need to trust that.

Of course all of the technology to do this is already online.

What are your thoughts?

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Comment by Troy Tenhet on August 18, 2010 at 12:16pm
I think that with something as important as education (and the eventual progression of human society) there must be accountability for the teachers. I have met all kinds of teachers. The ones that are just there for the paycheck are effectively crippling our future. I for one would like to see exit interviews for students. Data should drive everything...including teacher performance. I would love to know what I'm doing right...and then what I'm doing wrong as well (so I can make my adjustments)... You have a sound idea.

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