'How I spend my time' global project using social media and spreadsheets

Next global project ready to begin - The Webtowhere project - http://webtowhere.ning.com/group/time-lets-compare

My students, from Australia, have just started to collect
data on how they spend their time each day – they can estimate this if
necessary. Let your students compare how they spend their time with my students.

Get your students involved - allow them to combine social media and spreadsheets to help them develop their estimation skills and enable them to compare themselves with others around the world.

The instructions are ar http://webtowhere.ning.com/group/time-lets-compare and also pasted below :

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested and feel free to ask any questions.

‘How I spend my time’

Students in Australia have started to develop a spreadsheet listing the things they do in any one week and are keeping track of how long they spend on each. eg sleep, play sport, shopping, homework, go to school, eat, watch TV, play computer games, read, hang out with friends etc.

Students should make up their own list of the things they do, it may be easier to use similar categories as above - perhaps use up to 12 categories (to make it easier) but this is up to each student.

On a spreadsheet, record the time you spend doing things for each category - use hours as a measurement of time. ie 15 min = 0.25 hours (this will ensure that the spreadsheet can calculate the totals for each day).

If you don't have access to a spreadsheet feel free to do this on paper and upload a picture of your work!

When you total your time for each of the 7 days of the week the total should add up to 24 hours!

Don't dispair - Estimate if you forget to keep track of what you do on any day and how long you do it for ......this will still be good to ompare with others.

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Comment by Gail Casey on November 2, 2011 at 12:58am


Yes, the project is just 7 days of documenting and then posting/bloging about their results. Students can write about their results, take screen clips of their excel graphs or take pictures of hand drawn graphs - whatever is easiest for each class/student will be fine.

Comment by Gail Casey on November 2, 2011 at 12:54am

Hi Shannon,

There is no problems with schools starting late because my students continue to revisit projects to improve their work hence will/can respond to newer posts. I believe their learning is enhance by revisiting in this way. The idea is that students share and gain feedback building their own cycle of improvement and learning.


High school students age 13-18 would be perfect. So far we have students from Australia, Russia and Romania of that age.

Starting in the next 5-10 days will be fine. My students can only work on this twice a week (50 min each time).

Thank you for the clarification - it must be difficult for you. Good luck!

Best wishes


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