The resource that I chose is This is a website that allows students to interact and collaborate with students from other parts of the world to create and complete projects. The website is free to join and has different projects students can work on with students all over the world for all ages. Some of the projects that have been created are websites, magazines, books, reports to government officials, and performances. I am really impressed and intrigued by the wide variety of opportunities and accessibility students have to this type of collaboration. Teachers can create a project on the website to be completed or choose from ones that are already listed.

I am a special education teacher in ninth grade ICR English classes, so one of the projects that caught my eye is global literary magazine that encourages and teaches tolerance and understanding. This connects to the NC SCOS because students will be practicing and building writing skills. It also directly connects to the ideas Merryfield and Gibson present in their articles because students will be interacting with students with different backgrounds and cultures and reflecting on their cultural beliefs. What I like most about the project is that the purpose of it is to teach students that despite their differences, teenagers share a lot of similarities even though they come from different parts of the world. Working with students and teachers from the Philippines and Lithuania, students can create articles that connect to this topic to publish in the magazine. I think these similarities will help connect students and teach them to be better global citizens because they have had this exposure and chance to connect with students throughout the world. Writing this type of work will help students to reflect on their own beliefs, but it will also be equally beneficial to have students read the entries by the other students.

Another great component of this resource is that it can be used for all grades. Teachers can search the projects page by age group, topic, subject, language, title, and keyword. This helps narrow down the search and find projects that are relevant to the topic the students are studying. This could also be used for foreign language teachers to help encourage interaction between cultures while the students are learning the language. It would also help students use the language in a way that cannot be done in the classroom. There are projects for all areas including the arts and music. I think this resource can be an excellent tool teachers should utilize to increase global awareness and interaction.

Here is the link to the site:

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Comment by Ed Gragert on February 5, 2010 at 10:03am
Hello Jenna,

Great to read of your experiences with iEARN. It's gratifying to learn that the global collaborations have enhanced your teaching and student learning. Just one correction: the website is actually (not .com).


Ed Gragert

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