Impact of the iEARN Photojournalish 2.014: Heritage,Hunger and Food Security

This is my second Global Education Conference that I had attented. I enjoyed couple of sessions when I got time. The presentation of the iEARN photojournalish 2.014 impressed me most.This is a wonderful digital media draw the attention of teachers,students and community for getting cultultural exchange experiences.The stakeholders are capable of geting in touch with international community for meaningful colleborative engagement. Teachers and students will aquire a rare insight and know how about 21st century skill within their reach with the support of iEARN who are the expert in implenting any multicultural project. This presentation is a unique model of implementation of a project of in collaboration with three countries that are USA,Pakistan and Tajakistan. It's seem to me excellent in theme,methodology,evaluation,cultural exchage of heritage and tradition of their own, moreover students and teachers have a chance of journalism practice and skills of collaboration etc. Thanks GEC and iEARN for providing the opportunities to join the online International conference. 

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