Intercultural Personhood Theory as a Framework for Global Competence

This session was fascinating to me!  This was the only one I managed to catch most of "live" but I was so interested in what I heard/saw that I went back and watched the recording!  And, what's more, I connected with the presenter and found about her Ph.D. program.  I'm looking for an online Ph.D. program in Global Competence.  I want to study frameworks for GC development among U.S. undergraduate students - especially those in fully online programs.  But, I'm having no luck finding a program!  Stacy's program isn't online but I am very intrigued. 

Intercultural Personhood - the notion that different cultures have varying notions of developmental stages is very important to anyone studying global competence.  So glad that Stacy presented the material so clearly.  I hope others take the time to watch the recording.

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