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Invitation to Participate in Study on 21st Century Skills

John Barell, professor emeritus at Montclair State University, is conducting a study for Corwin Press. It is a follow up on two previous publications, Why Are School Buses Always Yellow? Teaching Inquiry Pre K-5 and Problem-Based Learning, An Inquiry Approach (2007).

"Currently, many people are stressing students’ being challenged to engage in 21st century skills, such as inquiry, problem solving, critical/creative thinking, self-direction and application of appropriate technology. I am very interested in being able to document students’ growth/progress/development in these areas: How do we know they’re getting better at 21st century skills? What kinds of evidence do we currently use to indicate that students are improving in these crucial areas?"

If your school is teaching and assessing these skills, and you would like to participate in this study please contact John Barell.  His email is 

For more information visit his web site More Curious Minds.

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