Many thanks to Mark Otter and Julie Keane. We need Professional Developments, but what we need also is: "Earning Digital Badges" aiming for better jobs, and serving better wherever we are.

From what I was informed in the session presented by Mark Otter and Julie Keane as well as from visiting the website I have seen that this website is very rich in features. There are various possibilities that are offered to teachers regarding the opportunity to build up their credibility as professionals, and sharing ideas about developing and implementing lesson plans.  What is the most important thing, in my opinion, is sharing the reflections, critics and auto-critics about the lesson.

Giving the opportunity to earn badges is another inspiration for getting more involved and being creative. Digital badging  is one of the best ways to create digital folders that visually represent "you"  and make your presentation to employers much easier. Cooperation between various organizations and universities that provide educational services and qualifications for teachers is another thing that I truly was amazed from.

As the presenters highlighted, almost everyone agrees that jobs are getting global, so we need global ready educated new generation. It is important for a society to have the front row global ready. It is impossible to prepare a strong new generation without having strong educators. I think that every one, who wants to be a great teacher, should be updated with the new digital era, and globally involved for solving problems and issues that the world is facing. Well, I believe that we all agree that it is very big to say that one person can give a huge contribution in these dimensions (global). Yes, but we shouldn't forget that everyone, first of all, should give the contribution within the "piece" where  he/she works. There is no question that to do that right we need to be globally well informed and capable.

For that reason I think that getting involved in these types of activities and events, such was the;"Global Education Conference 2013" is the best investment in future contribution. Participating in this conference was extremely helpful and inspiring for me. Meeting bright minds such as Lucy, Steve, Chris, Anne, Julie, Mark, Bernard etc is an amazing undeniable experience. During and after conference I've signed up in many websites  such as VIF, Mozilla backpack, etc , I'm more involved in some others that i used to, such as Tweets, Ted, Mooc-s (cursera), ect ,and I am everyday reflecting on the conference's ideas and directions. 

I critically thought about the cross-curriculum activities, multicultural and global school and classroom values. Besides some of the limits that Mark and Julie pointed out for some national activities, challenges and changes such as common core state standards, college and career readiness, standardized tests etc I have seen that many of the things, that we all as educators are looking for, are in common. I can incorporate in a math project or task information that quantitatively matter in a specific country, or globally, and that is totally normal for a certain grade level and I can very well align it to the CCSS. I want to share the link below with you. In that article there is a common sense with this presentation (I think).

 If you read it you will find out why. The most common sense in both is cooperation, collaboration, building up proactive and effective lesson plans that incorporate multidimensional,  cross-curriculum, multicultural(languages) with knowledge and skills needed for 21 century jobs and careers. Based on this logic and our needs, we can say that getting global means getting digital, because it is impossible to make fast access and connections like: classroom-to-classroom, teacher-to-teacher, or having these types of conversations, easy accessed, such was the global conference.

I am glad I am getting invitations from VIF for webinars and I have access in that website. I have just started. I agree with the sentence: No one can be perfect, but what we can do is always try. I am aiming to get any of these badges...because i have many certificates but not badges...


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