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The primary goal of a 21st century school should be the preparation of the younger generation for life in the global world.

A child should learn how to correctly interpret what happens to him/her day by day: why do people relate to him the way they do, and what is the right way to relate to them in order to be happy?

A person’s formation cannot be approached by the common standards. It requires an individual approach. Therefore, the main subject should be the development of the individual: an understanding of life and interpersonal relationships. Who am I? What kind of world am I living in?

A person has to find out about this through conversations and discussions. His/Her eyes have to be opened, showing them the pieces of the general puzzle and explaining their essence. It’s time to stop sitting children down with textbooks that give them knowledge but not understanding.

The world today is integral and global. Hence, connections between us must become integral and global as well. Such a change is feasible only by educating to globality. Every person in the world must realize that in the new world, we are all interconnected, and hence must be mutually considerate.

The Laws of a New Reality:

To help youths find their way in the global era, we must first understand the new laws of life in such a world, and the transformations that have led to them:

  • Our growing desire to profit at each other’s expense has evolved through history, causing us to become entangled in one another in every aspect of life: monetary, communication, politics, culture, and so forth.

  • That desire has led us into a vicious cycle: On the one hand, we are accustomed to a self-centered modus operandi. On the other hand, we can no longer lead inconsiderate lives and care only for our own interests. These are “has been” values, part of the “me” world, while we are living in a “we” world, global and integral.

  • By the laws of the new world, we are all interdependent. Hence, we must all be considerate of each other. As long as we act to the contrary, we will continue to suffer from crises in every realm of life.

To break the vicious cycle, each person must recognize the nature of the world we live in and understand that in the 21st century, “My life depends on my attitude to others.”

From all the above said, it is evident that the world in the 21st century does not need material, economic, or political solutions only. Rather, first and foremost, today’s world needs an educational solution. And youths, who sense the gap between the old world and the new one even more intensely than anyone, should be at the forefront of this education.

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