Is the Education is in the right track today globally? Humanity started education first with the greek word SCHOOL which means " A PLACE OF PEACE".But in the evolution process, the basic intention of education has been ignored. What the meaning and sense of any education if it ultimately leads to violence,falsified and virtual culture. The education in all professions is devoid of the component of Peace, for which there is more and more "creative destruction" than "creative Construction".

I sincerely hope that the GEC will strive to bring about this change of incorporating PEACE in all professions and to introduce specialsed Peace Education courses to transform the present violent world into a peaceful and sustainable entity.I will be deliberating on this vital issue more and more through GES

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Comment by Prof. Fani Bhusan Das on May 20, 2010 at 12:56am
I have send two PEACE POEMS as lessons of GEC. Where can I locate the poems?

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