Reading for pleasure or reading to study .....What is the difference...Do we read for pleasure?!.....

Thank you Rana for bringing this issue to our attention in this conference!

Loved the quote:" Reading improves the theory of mind" 

One of things that grabbed my attention in Rana Dajani's presentation was creating Reading Rooms. I see it as a very good message for urging new generation to read. It isn't just a place to read in class, or Library or wherever that room is set up, but it is the matter of giving the idea that we need to read, and we need a specific space where we can fully focus and share ideas. Perhaps it is very important to bring this message to all those countries that have a big percentage of kids that don't go to school, or maybe never read, or have no one to read for them. As a parent I see it as very good message to parents, especially to new parents to be responsible and accomplish their duty as parents to read to their children, push them to study, as well as read for pleasure.

The survey was surprising to me( Reading six minutes per year for pleasure?!

When I deeply tried to answer that question, I started thinking differently......I do read a lot......but do I really read enough for pleasure?! I read a lot of books and articles that are related to education, social issues, professional math books, teaching and learning strategies...etc..etc..It comes to a point that almost everything that I read is related to education.....It is not that I don't read....don't get me wrong, but not enough for pleasure...

My point is that usually people read what they are interested in....For that reason, bringing this issue to attention of people, and moreover to educators'attention is really important. As it was well highlighted in the presentation it increases the vocabulary and the ability to express your thoughts....

Another point we should point out as educators is that we should write literature that may be connected to our subject, but has the fun feature as well to attract the young readers, so reading for pleasure has the profit of cross-curriculum learning as well.


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