Reflection- The values of Values in a Transformation Learning Framework

Attending this conference held by  Richard C.CLOSE , I ve learnt a lot about a controversial pedagogical issue as Transformational Education: how can people succeed in the case of trauma and  poverty,what KNOWLEDGE REVOLUTIONS involve,that TE is about EMPOWERMENT: who has the power,in Adult Learning the student takes ownership and the teacher provides the tools that can help the students find their way,because the educator and the mentor is the servant.

I ve also acquired a knowledge based  view on TRANSFORMATIONAL EDUCATION,taking a look at real PEDAGOGY ”ICONS” as John Dewey,,Edward C.Lindeman,Malcolm Knowles.

Ive also got familiarised with the UNESCO ` S approach based on the four values:LEARN TO KNOW,LEARN TO BE, LEARN TO COMMUNICATE & LEARN TO DO.(”Learn the Treasure Within”),receiving a clarification of the concept of VALUES,comprising choosing freely,prizing and acting: ”none of us has the right set of values...”.

I ve also undesrtood why Academia ignore values: because they are hard to measure,because they are not tangible and can be misinterpreted,because there is  the wrong belief they are always linked with religion.

Ive also pondered over Mezirow Transformative Learning that promoted the importance of FRAMEWORK based on experience,beliefs and values.

Under the inspiration of  Allan Boom ” mentioned book ”The Closing of the American Mind”,Ive also felt inspired to answer the question: WHAT KIND OF EDUCATOR AM I?: ”There  is no teacher who in practice doesn not believe in the existence of the soul, or in  a magic that acts on it through speech”.

So thank you for this rare opportunity to be in contact with so many personalities preoccupied with the same capital  educational issues like me.

Thank you  also to the participants, whose recordings Im intending to watch ,inspired by the totally formative atmosphere.

Thank you, dear Lucy:) !

Warm greetings,


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