This is my first experience with The Global Education Conference. And I am thrilled to join this conference with a warm heart. The benefit was not so easy to describe, but I assure it was not me alone that felt this way there are are so many people having that kind of enthusiasm and happiness inside their chest. I hereby say: The conference was fascinating!

I have drown some conclusions from the sessions I attended:

- Let me be so frank, The use of Technology in Education becomes a must.

- The flag that should be risen in Latin: 'E Plubirus Unum'; in English 'Out of Many, One'. It means that we should foster the intercultural relationship. Point blank, marginalization should be excluded.

- I have a heart quote to share: There are four pillars of education should be taken into consideration: Learning to be, learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together. 'The treasure within'

- One thing that is left out: We should love our jobs, students, and our country. We also would like to innovate, create, participate either locally or nationally; if possible, internationally. We as teachers should have the desire to link the class with world outside.

Be a Global person!

Thanks for being such a valuable resource to us and a worth remembering experience!

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