L’éducation est bien plus que la transmission d’informations ou la simple acquisition de connaissances.

Tout cela est inutile, à partir du moment que ne peut pas permettre à l’individu, de s’élever et ainsi devenir utile à la communauté humaine.

Silva Passos

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Comment by Romaric Zongo on February 17, 2010 at 11:45am
Hi Manuel Jose,
I will concur with you that education is more than transmitting information or simply acquiring knowledge. But will not concur that education has no value and does not permit individual grow for becoming valuable to human community. Education no matter the form use to educate, oral, storytelling, class room, online/distance … are ways for us as human to work together as community to shear what we need to do to become valuable citizen. Knowledge acquisition is not only in a class room but what we learn as part of a community in some as part as human being society. We learn, we listen, we watch people around us, learn from them and look ways to be good citizen and give our part to our society, community during our short existence in this planet for future generations. Nothing is wasted but transform.

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