Wow, what an amazing event this is/was!  I'm in awe of the two of you and the amount of work this must have taken.  And to record ALL of it so that we can catch the presentations we missed, well done!  I'm hoping to find time to review all of the sessions that had to do with real-time collaboration among students of different countries/cultures.  Although this one isn't on that topic, Albania shares a border with Macedonia (and it's not always an amicable relationship) and I've lived in Macedonia twice (each time for 6 months) so I decided to watch this session recording:

EU and the Albanian higher education system; What happens when they meet?

Unfortunately, it wasn't well attended nor was it well presented.  The presenter had only one slide an basically read her presentation (paper) to the audience.  I didn't get much out of it as I was unable to understand parts and also unable to stay focused without more interaction/engagement. Really too bad.  I think the presenters had the option to attend training on best practices on how to present virtually (can't remember) but if not, perhaps that's something that could be added.  Reading a paper is a very last-century way to present information, and without video or face to face interaction, it doesn't work well at all. 

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