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A quick post tonight. I was on the Writers' Club today, just checking out the writing kids are sharing, and I stumbled across this post by hibaf, a student author from Lahore American School, Pakistan.

The most beautiful person for me is my cousin and I love her more than anything. I will not tell you who she is yet because I would like this essay to be suspense.

That person is so gorgeous that when anyone looks at her they are not able to look anywhere else. Her smile is like a diamond in the sky. When she walks she sets a style. Her swagger puts a smile on everyone’s face. She is a special and a wonderful gift from God and her name even means gift from God like my name does.

She changed my life; she changed everyone’s life. I wonder how she does it, but she just does it. She is the only child in her family so it might get lonely for her. You might think she might cry of the loneliness, but we never let a tear come out of those wonderful eyes.

If you are sad, the person you want near you would be her. Her hug would cheer you up because her hug is like hugging the world’s most adorable teddy bear. If she knows you well she might even give you a kiss on the cheek.

I care for her a lot because I am scared that she might get hurt. Whenever I play games with my friends, I never let her come near us because we play games like soccer, badminton, basketball, etc. and if she comes near she might end up getting hurt.

She is only one year and a few months old. Her name is Minha, my favorite and youngest cousin.

This piece of writing literally made me all misty-eyed, as it did my wife; the parallels with our feelings for our own daughter were overwhelming.

But think about it - a student on the other side of the world moves a couple of adults with their writing; nothing was organised, there was no formal task the student had to produce... yet from this seemingly chaotic arrangement, with students contributing what, where and when they like, an author was able to create a genuine emotional connection with an international audience.

Could an author ask for anything more?

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