Why and what is the purpose of future education?First and foremost is to secure "living" of humans in the planet earth.Instead of claiming our achievements in science and technology etc; which are virtual,when we look around us globally today we come across only "creative destruction" dominating every where in all our activities.Look at today's snow and chill storm around the world killing thousands of people and destroying our development assests created by our present education based on "science of matter" for which we are proud of. Is it not destructive output of our knowledge learned from present education? Such "creation" comes from the system of our education, which is now obsolete and without spirit.It is now extremely urgent to initiate new future education system which will empower us globally to build a creatively safe and secured world- security from the violence of Nature as well as humans. If we do not realise this basic, 2012 will be the year of beginning of  end of the present human civilisation.It has already been started in 2011 with the Snow and chill blast around the world, and may perhaps be followed by lethal global warming.

    Thus accept this and make an attempt to design The Future of Education blending both "matter" & "spirit" to eliminate Nature's and Human's thought and power of destruction, which will pave a new path of sustainable human civilisation.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

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