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A truly global conference and a tribute to both Steve and Lucy. The winds of change that we are feeling down here in antipodes (New Zealand) are both refreshing and scary for many of our educators, but most recognise the need for a series of transitions in both how we view the future of education and how we adapt our practice to meet new needs.

Without a doubt, we have leapt the first hurdle, and our focus has shifted from teaching to 'learning' - phase one is complete for most schools. Our next challenge is redeveloping our pedagogical beliefs.

What does best practice look like? Do our learners know how to learn and are they capable of leveraging the learning process efficiently and effectively? Are our learners competent enough to take agency over their learning because without competence being established giving agency will result in chaos!

Are we focussing on a curriculum that is relevant to the future needs of our learners? How is it that most of our units of work take the same amount of time? Could learners learn more efficiently by focussing on building conceptual understanding?

I love the video clip of the backwards bike and Destin's byline of "knowledge does not equal understanding." We can find knowledge easily now, and we carry the most extraordinary library in our pockets every day but knowing how to take knowledge and convert it into understanding is the new definition and focal point of learning.

The resource 'The Future of Learning' is a free download - from here 

All the best for the conference ahead

Mark Treadwell 

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