THE INSPIRATION TRULY LIVES ON...Taking back the memories of the GlobalEdCon13

It was a chilly Saturday Nov. 16, 2013 and all I could recall is that I was struggling with Blackboard Collaborate, a New tool to cheerfully close 2013 to me. Shaken and hoping I managed to launch a Ticket under Lucy's +1 service help to have my Blackboard files open. I was too desperate not to miss a single bit of what I had fallen into- the Treasure of getting along with globalized educators, communicators, Tech savvy and brilliant brains living their inspiration and passing it on especially in young souls of their communities or points of contact- in other words, the Generation Next.

From the Harry Potter series of Ayat's Egypt to Luis' IOS- Apps in Apple Americas, Technology can be a greater tool that has advanced communication, greater opportunities and opened the bridges to talk about our cultures and or define ourselves with confidence to who we are on a global scale no matter the disability or challenges. And that's why Tatyana's story from Russia left only tweets full of shocking surprise and wondering if there another Russia fun-filled with more than story sharing and reconciling the past to reflect on the future. Stories from Hello Little World Skypers left me silent and stunned wondering on how I can hatch on the brilliant minds that were in the session.In Africa, we have a saying that "Before the lizard puts on a trouser, it should know where to put its tail" and that's what I met with Anne Mirtschin HLWS session. Why? Skype being my first online telephone and tool, I couldn't stop wondering and imagining how powerful it had impacted on global education till I heard from the horse's mouths. To confess it all, it was a session full of expounded minds as presenters.

Sometimes I imagine a world of telepathy where its a gift or a skill in education and Anita Samuels out of culture shocks and online learning, she has acquired that. We quite often perceive that online learning is like a holiday with a pet near by a book/laptop or any device in one's lap but that's far from the Truth. It a compilation of many books, 'dictionary like if you may say' waiting to be read and reviewed. Now I understand better why online courses are paradoxically fun and annoying. I imagine a world of how she gets people like us to do a particular course test and make us submit without much annoyance caused.

Truth be told, every presentation or session had its own flying colours. Noel Feria's Philippines is now far ahead, thanks to his contributions. Larry Specht, Maria D.Shaheen, Mark Otter, Honor Moorman, Omar Eldarawy, Tania Rashid, Michelle Macumber and the rest..made every second count to share their experiences on what I little knew.

And nothing lasts forever...So came the Closing Session. Inside is wailing and outside is voicing tears of joy right away from the heart...that's because you may not escape it when Lucy and Steve and all the GlobalEdCon members speak, chat or tweet about their experience.

No matter how the week went or the close of the conference, the 'Declaration' Lives on. The shared ideas keep on re-generating and new members keep on coming daily. A world without education is a dead and extinct one and good enough in my senses it does not exist. We would wonder or ask ourselves today how the ancients communicated and re-vibrated the sophisticated technology at the time to keep on surviving for generations. Today's generation too needs that! Today's children are smarter and as research challenges us as in one of the presentations, they love more to share about their experiences or know more about other countries, cultures or locality before they get enrolled for Maths equations. This is a great message that technology can close all those gaps and the sky is the limit.

Lucie Mingla encourages me that 'what's next is to be world leader of education' and I am still counting...!

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Comment by Lucie Mingla on November 25, 2013 at 8:49am

Thank you Ibrahim, but i am trying to make it little more fun. I know that many people don't like math. I was fortunate to deal all my life with it and with people who like it and those that don't. I try to make it fun though with my students.....

Thanks again! It was honorable to share with you and every other participant in this conference...

Best wishes! Lucie

Comment by Ibrahim Bahati on November 25, 2013 at 12:41am

Thanks Lucy and Tatyana. @Lucie, you are absolutely true and I am gratified you still come by.

The Maths equations are amazing only that I was quoting on a research of the one presenters where Maths came in 2nd last to the preferences of what children wanted to share. 

The inspiration you leave is that you have gone global and have changed things...that is, they can share Maths too even on Skype. I really envy those kids knowing well how I struggled with Maths and they are Skyping it Fun. Best of wishes and luck on this!

Comment by Lucie Mingla on November 24, 2013 at 10:54pm

"they love more to share about their experiences or know more about other countries, cultures or locality before they get enrolled for Maths equations. This is a great message that technology can close all those gaps and the sky is the limit".

I am quoting you Ibrahim because I love the second sentence. I am concerned about the first one though, because they get enrolled to solve a math equation or project together in skype let say. You can say: again thanks to technology, so that is why I am not made at you for what you are saying. (I understand and agree what you are saying , but I am just being an advocate of math equation since I teach it, and I love what I do and it is worthy to share it).

Regarding the statement below I have this comment: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. The sky is the limit as you say above.

"Lucie Mingla encourages me that 'what's next is to be world leader of education' and I am still counting...!"

I will continue with commenting about the inspiring and illuminating minds later on..

Thank you Ibrahim for pointing out some of them...You are a great contributor as well....

Comment by Tatyana Chernaya on November 24, 2013 at 12:56pm

Hi Ibrahim,
Thanks a lot for your help during my session and your kind words about my work. 

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