Anne Mirtschin presentation "The World is My Classroom" was very inspiring, informative, and interesting. This presentation demonstrated the importance for children to learn of other countries and other cultures around the globe, for children to be more open minded and accepting of what is different from theirs. The fact that she demonstrated how one could use technology to make this learning for children interactive and so direct, peers learning from other peers was mind blowing. I believe that peers learning directly from other peers about their culture, geography, history, dancing, food, language, current events and so many different aspects of their lives, in that direct and live way makes learning so much more enjoyable for students. These kinds of project based curricula are the best way to learn and integrate so many areas of learning and it makes learning such a powerful experience for students!

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Comment by Jessica Aristy on December 9, 2013 at 12:30pm
Hello Ms. Mittschin,

I work with toddlers on the autism spectrum therefore I haven't been able to practice connecting students beyond the classroom. I actually haven't received the certificate indicating I attended your session. Is there any way you can help me obtain this? I completed the form and wrote the blog therefore I don't understand why I haven't received it.
Comment by Anne Mirtschin on November 23, 2013 at 5:50am

Hi Jessica, thank you for you wonderful reflections on my presentation and what a wonderful summary you have made of the learning that can occur. Have you connected your students beyond the classroom and if so, what are your findings. Hope we can stay in touch. Thanks again.

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