2 UzTEA members as active Uzbek NNESs share their ideas and findings of interactive debate per SKYPE on one of short stories of Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature of the year 2007.
They are emeritus lectures at their universities now, being as a consultant and a virtual member of the English chair, they create/conduct/promote virtual classes at Indian educational platform @WizIQ. They plan to repeat their class on Doris Lessing, which was misconduct due a bad connection on the time of previous delivering.


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Comment by Halima Ozimova on December 5, 2011 at 10:35am

READING and DRAMATIZING the Nobel Prize Winning Literature.
Speaker being herself a Bookworm hopes to discuss with Uzbek and International English Booklovers the plot, heroes, characters, some literary and linguistic styled findings and tricks in one of short stories of Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature of the year 2007. Applying Jigsaw Reading technique, using some trivia, recalling some historical/chronological/cultural/fashion/trends and facts, of living celebrities due the time of this story, incorporating some scenes from related movie and especially the triggering reading between lines can be a good premise for reaching the full-scale comprehension of this brilliant story, which describes one of hallmarks of UK capital. I hope that READING by Uzbek NNESs helps to put this LONDON LANDMARK on the TRAVELING map for/of UZBEK visitors, heading to the UK. Besides, every UzTEA member, every Reader is WELCOME in Speaker’s Virtual class room: Reading the Nobel Prize Winning Literature.


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