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What is Social eLearning Software, TOPYX, All About?

We get this question a lot. Maybe it is because social LMS technology is considered new? Or, maybe it is because there are few complete social eLearning solutions out there? Either way, due to the increasing demand, I though t it would be easiest if I put together a concise, 1:30s video that easily outlines some of the basics about how we put TOPYX together to be an affordable, fully hosted eLearning solution for companies, classrooms and associations of any size.

eLearning software video
You can view the video summary here:

Basically, we've taken the modern social networking tools, similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, and have integrated them into a traditional learning management system (LMS). We've done it in such a way that the smallest learning element is supported by all social networking and community features (multi-person chat, forums, blogs, etc). TOPYX was built from the ground up with these integrated features so that we could create the most engaging and collaborative learning environment possible.

We even went so far as to make sure all of these elements were also available via most mobile devices so people can get the information they need and stay connected whenever they want, wherever they may be (mLearning).

Another important aspect of TOPYX is why it is considered the 'best value in eLearning software today." This is because we believe in providing a complete solution that has all of the advanced features the high-end of the market is looking for but at a value that small companies and academic departments can easily afford.

For just about everyone, TOPYX allows for unlimited users and content at no extra cost. Also, implementation, branding, some customization and customer service is also included in the annual subscription prices. TOPYX is a software as a service offering with an annual subscription cost of only USD$12,000.

That is why TOPYX is considered the "Best value in eLearning software today."

So, what you get is your own branded, secure Facebook-like platform that enhances the learning environment so your employees, students or whomever can collaborate and access information like never before. TOPYX is an eLearning software solution that leverages the powers of social learning in an affordable offering for any business, academic department or association.

That is what TOPYX is all about. We believe in TOPYX, which is why we want you to see everything TOPYX has to offer. So, you can get a 30-day free trial site to test it out by contacting us at

If I missed anything or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at We would like to personally work with you.

Jeffrey A. Roth
VP, Marketing and Communication

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