What Is World Class Schools And Why I Should Join The Time Project


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What Is The World Class Schools Project


What Is World Class Schools

World Class Schools, a teacher oriented video conference program, is seeking selected schools for a global project. It was founded by Michael Cunningham almost ten years ago.

World Class Schools, Ghana Debate Association, Texas Youth and Government, as well several different YMCA's all over the world, are joining together to provide you a rare and unlimited opportunity.

During the week of Nov. 26-30, 2012, we are going to make a difference in the world because we are going to bring the world to your classroom.  We will all participate in the Time Project.

Our Projects This Year Are Working To Bringing Social Justice Into The Classroom Through Enhanced Legal Education.

What You Will Get By Joining


We are offering these following events.

1) Texas YMCA Mock Trial Case.  Each team will include (5 students)  More details will be mailed out to you in the next month. All Trials will be done in English.  We are also looking for other languages for the future.  All materials will be provided for the students.  Sample of last year's case

2) Texas YMCA Appeals Case.  This a two person team taking their case to the Appeals Court.  Sample Information             Good Information On Briefs

3) ICC Criminal Mock Trials.  This is a two person team taking on some of the worst crimes against humanity through out history.  Sample information
  Video of a Trial

4) Model UN.  This is one person to five person team.  You will represent your own country in different committees.  Sample information  more more

5) South Australian Mock Trials.  This is 3-4 person team.  You will represent your client or the crown in a court room.  Video 

6) Youth Parliament.  This is 3-4 person team where you debate some of the most important issues of today with the future leaders of the world. Sample

7) Ontario Bail Hearings. This is a 4 person team event.  Information


How To Join- It Is Free and Fun

Register Here

All you will need is a computer, Internet and web camera.  We will bring the world to you.  Come join more than 80 schools as we are about to change the world.

Michael Cunningham
World Class Schools

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