Why eLearning is Important for Earth Day

We have all heard about the dangers of our over-polluting cars, over-consumption and general over-disregard of nature. But, a simple solution to help us all be a little more green (and save a little green) is easily available with modern eLearning software.

Does your company or school still burn through paper at an unbelievable rate?
If yes, you can drastically reduce your paper consumption, control your content more easily, and leverage high-impact multimedia better through the use of an eLearning platform. Not only will the trees thank you, but so will your expense manager and your employees / students who hate dealing in paper.

Plus, you can gain back critical time wasted on managing your materials by warehousing all of them at one source that can be accessed securely by the people you choose. The time gained can be better spent thinking about clean energy.

Does your company still pay for in-person training and meetings?
If yes, imagine the consumption of resources to make this happen: fuel for travel, time lost, accommodations, and much, much more. With the availability, and low cost, of many great connectivity solutions (i.e. Skype, TOPYX, GoToMeeting), this is an easy problem to fix that will save companies large sums of money and help save the Earth at the same time. If we could just cut out the emissions from live meetings that could be more efficiently performed via eLearning solutions, it would go a long way with making the world a better place. And, can cut down airport food consumption.

These two points are just the tip of the iceberg of the Earth-friendly solution provided by eLearning software. The best part is, these solutions help reduce unnecessary waste AND can be implemented quickly, easily, and with an immediate ROI due to cost-savings.

Why isn't your company / school / association doing their part?

One eLearning solution to look into is TOPYX (www.interactyx.com). It have all of the learning and collaboration features you would expect, but also integrates social learning into the program to keep people engaged and connected. TOPYX is called the best value in eLearning software today and is a Best of Elearning! 2009 Winner.

Do some research and see what may be the best eLearning solution for your business / school, but please do something to reduce our alarming consumption and pollution rate. On this Earth Day, decide to make a difference.

Jeffrey A. Roth
VP, Marketing and Communications
Interactyx Limited


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