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Why is Global Education so Important? Let the Globe Respond

This question is often raised. The 'collective' or 'networked' brain is a powerful element but when it is a 'global' brain even more so. A full range of perceptions, experiences and thoughts can be brain stormed, discussed and shared and provide an amazing resource. The following question was raised at the 2013 conference by Steve Hargadon and look at the amazing responses from the global brain! Participants in this session brainstormed on the whiteboard and the chat.

(Please note these will be added to as time permits and the opportunity arises or please, please add your comments and thoughts below)

  • Because WE CAN!
  • Global mass extinctions and life-support services are seriously stressed. To solve these ‘wickedly’ complex  problems we need to work collaboratively to sove them. Understanding and connection with others
  • Learn about other cultures – also students can see how similar they are in many ways
  • Relationships and cultural understanding are crtical in today’s world.
  • We are all one great family, each depending on the other
  • We are part of a globalized world
  • Global world
  • We need to understand each other
  • Because the world is so vast with so many different kinds of people. It is important that we lear to  repspeft each oterh. This allows us to work collaborativel, understand and learn as much as we can about and together we can help the world become a better place for all
  • Essential because we need to work across borders to solve global problems. Its nota bout competition. Its about collaboraiont.
  • The world is our classroom
  • It helps to promote the idea of us all being a part of the human family
  • Students will need to be able to live with all people across the world
  • Because our children need to be successful global citizens – need to interact with varied cultures, communities
  • Our entire world is interconnected and dependent on collaboration and cooperation so we can prepare our students for the global workforce.
  • It is important to be on the same page with the rest of the world
  • Because we are interconnected and all have to be able to work together with synergy and great collaboration skills
  • Creating understanding and empathy
  • To prepare students for the global workforce and to prepare teachers to integrate global activities into classroom instructions.
  • To be global citizens and help preserve our identity
  • Sharing experiences
  • We live in a global society. No longer does distance separate students
  • World peace depends on it
  • We want to live in peace
  • Global collabartion unites children from differenct countries, bringing culutres closer together. Learning from the difference globally will help us understand each other
  • Growing empathy and compassion, seeking social justice and empowering students and educators through technology creation
  • We are part of a global community
  • To understand how our world works! And to understand other cultures.
  • We live in a global village
  • To create a flat world
  • Technology connects us all
  • To make light from a spark

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