I'm excited for the start of the Global Education Conference. I always come away with inspiration, new knowledge and connections to amazing people. It is also one space I have found that my worlds can collide - where my passion for global education, technology and social justice can be fed. And this year I suspect my spirituality will get a boost too with Karen Armstrong's keynote - How to Change the World.

Here some sessions I hope I can find time to attend this year and just a small sampling of what's available (times are GMT-5):
Monday, 1pm - Students as creators or makers: Tools to fostering higher order thinking
Monday, 7pm - Transformational literacy and global collaboration
Tuesday, 11am - Building creativity, empathy and ethical decision-making through play
Tuesday, 2pm - Using instructional technology to accelerate students into STEM careers
Tuesday, 3pm - Globalization of credentials by adopting skill driven badges instead of grades
Tuesday, 4pm - Design and maker thinking - how they can be part of our everyday in education
Tuesday, 5pm - Making a better world online for children: teaching digital literacy & citizenship
Tuesday, 6pm - Using advocacy to empower students
Wednesday, 7am - The art/science connection: how to build successful collaborations
Wednesday, 9am - Connecting student dreams around the world
Wednesday, 10am - The power of story
Wednesday, 1pm - From USA to Africa: a unique primary STEM global partnership
Wednesday, 6pm - Global competencies for 21st century high school science curriculum
Wednesday, 8pm - Bridging communication barriers between stakeholders in education
Wednesday, 9pm - How to foster student innovators with "unreasonable vision" to promote social justice
Thursday, 6am - Use of media arts and performing arts for cross cultural understanding
Thursday, 9am - Multicultural game design teams as an intro to computer science
Thursday, 10am - Uniting youth through the power of music and technology
Thursday, 1pm - One Montessori world: connecting elementary students and teachers from around the world
Thursday, 2pm - Modern Day Slavery
Thursday, 8pm - EduMachinima fest: assessing 21st century skills
Friday, 10am - How to change the world

What are you looking forward to?

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