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One of our biggest challenges on our open ended world tour has been finding solutions for Mozart's musical education as we roam the globe. She started piano at 3 and her teachers have always said she has exceptional talent, so we want to support that even though we are not musical ourselves.

We were very excited when we met Mark MIller via Skype and have found his unique Jazz piano lessons via distance learning are perfect for Mozart and our mobile lifestyle. You can find out more about him at his website:


We taped a few lessons for our records and to show family and friends who can not watch her in person. Many from our blog have asked about her lessons, so this also gives our readers a little more understanding about the process.

Mozart has interest in composing, theory and singing while playing and is not fond of rote learning, so this method works really well for her. Marks goal is to get her able to play any piece of sheet music as soon as possible and she loves the mystery tunes that he sends to her to figure out on her own. She is already working on some college level theory thanks to his techniques.

Some people think we are crazy, but we actually bought and carry a good digital piano with us in our RV, so that she can practice as we roam too. Even in this video where we are in our winter rental in Spain, we use some make shift techniques.

She is playing on the table and using a step ladder as a seat. In our small RV, I have to be up in the loft or outside when she plays due to lack of space. We place it on a table and Mozart stands and plays. ;)

We are big believers in that old saying, "if there is a will, there is a way"!


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